Avanti Offspring hookah

"Offspring" by the Russian manufacturer "AVANTI" lightweight, low budget hookah. The stem is made of stainless steel, polished and made in the best traditions of minimalism
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Avanti is a structural subdivision of the company EuroShisha. Eurohisha is one of the largest hookah and accessory companies in Russia, with most of its production concentrated in Russia. Offspring is a profitable, lightweight version of the entire line of the manufacturer EuroShisha. It is low, the stem itself is completely made of stainless steel, polished and made in the best traditions of minimalism. The hookah base is made of high-quality Polyacetal. Interesting vertical purge valve that looks very impressive. The model will be to the taste of fans of classic traction the submerged part without a diffuser provides comfortable traction. Package contents: Stem; Connector; Tray Gaskets kit; Compact packaging.