Cosmo Bowl Phunnel

"Cosmo Bowl Phunnel" is a phunnel type bowl, made of high-quality clay and covered with glaze, with a capacity of 10-15 grams
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The Cosmo Bowl Phunnel is an Excellent hookah bowl stylized as a superhero theme. Cosmo bowls are produced in Yekaterinburg and have already become very popular throughout Russia. All Cosmo bowls are made of food-grade earthenware, white and red clay. Excellent quality of hookah bowls is the key to the success of Cosmo Bowl. The bowls have an excellent heat capacity, which allows you to smoke both heat-resistant tobacco and conventional tobacco on these bowls. The Cosmo Bowl Phunnel is an ideal variant for solo Smoking or overpacking. Suitable for strong tobacco. The bowl is perfect for Kaloud Lotus, Kaloud Alfa, HeatKeeper.