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"Hookah Box" is a compact Russian-made hookah that is loved all over the world. The kit includes everything you need for smoking. It is very convenient to take it with you on the road or just smoke at home
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Hookah Box is a small cube with a face of 13 cm, completely made of organic glass. The hookah consists of two compartments. The lower one is filled with water that does not get into the upper one. Just in the upper compartment is the mounting of the hose, without requiring any seals, and the valve thanks to this solution is protected from water. The shaft itself is also made of organic glass in the form of a rectangle, which has holes in the lower part, which serves as a diffuser, submerging in water. The bowl is lowered into the shaft so that it does not touch the water, and fits tightly to the lid of the shaft, without letting in excess air. The purge valve located on top of the body is made of plastic, not silicone or rubber, which prevents it from sticking. When blowing, the valve rises, releasing all the smoke, and when tightening, it fits tightly, not letting in air. " Hookah Box " has a variety of colors: classic transparent, interesting black, orange or fluorescent, which glows in the dark due to the accumulation of light. It is easy to put various fruits, ice, color the water with juice, and even make the lighting, which will give Smoking a special visual buzz. This hookah is a very convenient, economical option for smoking outdoors, on trips. At home, it is easy to carry or just keep close, it will not shift and will not cause inconvenience. It will fit into any environment, charm with its minimalistic design and soft Smoking. Package contents: Hookah Box base; Soft touch silicone hose; Silicone bowl; Hose handle; Compact packaging.