FOX Wood 2.0 Rare hookah

The "FoxWood 2.0 RARE" is a premium hookah made entirely of high-quality stainless steel and decorated with valuable wood species
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FOX WOOD V. 2. 0 RARE  is presented in 4 variations: Layswood, Movingu, Amaranth, Acacia. This version of the hookah is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and precious woods, an improved diffuser, purge, mouthpieces and valves on the o-rings. The wooden part of the stem is harmoniously completed with a mouthpiece with an identical wood pattern, and the saucer is decorated with the company's laser engraving of the FOX logo There are also more expensive models made of reclaimed exotic wood, using epoxy resin, segmental and hybrid options. Features: Materials: Stainless steel, wood (valuable species), oil coating. Port connections: - o-ring The height in the collection: 65cm Inner diameter of the stem: 12mm The key features of hookahs from this series users call: Absolute tightness of connections; Minimalistic, stylish design; Beautiful shell of the stem made of natural wood; Tactile pleasant surfaces; Moderately dense draft; A decent level of taste transfer; Adequate price. Package contents: Stem; Soft touch silicone hose; Clay Bowl; Connector; Gaskets kit; The mouthpiece; Tray; Compact packaging. ! The kit without the vase  !