Nanosmoke Togo FULL

Compact and thought out to the smallest detail hookah "Nanosmoke" in a complete set, ready to use
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Silicone hose
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Nanosmoke was founded in 2012 by Alexey Ilyin, a third-year student at Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University. Today Nanosmoke is one of the largest manufacturers of hookahs in the world. A distinctive feature of Most nanosmoke hookahs is that they are horizontal and do not have a stem, but this hookah . Nanosmoke is a Russian company engaged in the invention, production and sale of hookahs and accessories for them. This is the company that was the first in the world to launch a serial production of hookahs from plexiglss, abandoning glass and metal in favor of not rusting and not breaking. Nanosmoke hookahs were always intended for Amateur use until the company started working with ceramics, and Nanosmoke clay cups appeared in the product line. NanoSmoke TOGO is the most popular set of NanoSmoke , includes all the basic components and even a kalaud and a decorative led lighting. Due to the compactness of the hookah, it is often used on beaches, parties, parks, in cars and etc. It is convenient to carry and it practically does not take up any space, while the quality of use is rated quite high. Features: The weight in the box of the complete set: 1566 gr. Body weight: 1023 grams. The weight of the complete set: 1421 gr. Height without Kaloud: 37 cm. Package contents: Hookah base; Soft touch silicone hose; Sylicon bowl; The moutpiece; Kaloud; Decorative led lighting; Compact packaging.